About Us


REACH was established with a mission to help low- to moderate-income families and individuals become financially self-sufficient and obtain affordable housing.


To help families become financially self-sufficient, the agency will provide budget and credit education. To prepare clients for homeownership, REACH will provide homeownership education that includes information about the home-buying process and tips on home maintenance. The agency will further assist eligible clients in obtaining affordable housing by providing financial assistance with down payment and closing costs.




REACH, Inc. is a consortium of 20 entities that was established in 1994 to help low-to moderate income families and individuals become first-time homebuyers. REACH provides homebuyer education and housing counseling services to help clients prepare for owning a home, as well as financial assistance with down payment and closing costs assistance to make purchasing a home more affordable. In 2006 REACH became a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) which allows the agency to serve as a developer for affordable housing.


REACH has assisted more than 750 families and individuals in becoming homeowners in Central Kentucky.